How To ROSE Vaujany - Survive a MTB Race

Team ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS riders Steffen Thum (GER/30) und Rémi Laffont finished in third place at Portugal Tour MTB race.

The mountainbike pros will show you their skills how to survive a competition with about 460 kilometres and nearly 10.000 climbing metres within 6 days of racing.
The team explains amateur bikers what matters in a stage race, and what they should be aware of. Proper food, clever pace in race and perfect equipment are .

At this year’s Portugal tour, the duo Steffen Thum and Rémi Laffont had to cover six stages through the mountains of Viseu. It became clear that the two riders grow together more and more on big stage races. At least that’s what their success tells us, as Thum and Laffont were able to take a stage win on stage four an 3 place overall.

More about the race on or on FACEBOOK.

By the way: Steffen Thum won the 2014 edition of the Marathon World Series. How he felt about this? Check it out HERE.

Success, dates and more about the team ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS HERE.

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