Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker - No Sleep Till Bakewell

The challange: 24 hours, 125 climbs, 23 miles and 0 sleep. "The "Wide Boyz" trained their bodies for years, the two elite climbers have tackled some of the hardest climbs on the planet, specialising in a painful style known as crack climbing.

Nicknamed the ‘WideBoyz’ for their skills in ‘off-width’ crack climbing - one of the most difficult types of cracks to master, the duo are constantly on the lookout for new challenges.

After travelling the world to conquer some of its most difficult ascents, having a laugh in silly costumes and generally pushing their climbing skills to the limit, the pair conceived what could be their hardest challenge to date: linking 125 of the UKs most famous climbs in less than 24 hours.

The challenge centres on a series of classic climbs known as the Brown and Whillans routes. Joe Brown and Don Whillan, two post-war climbing heroes and perhaps Britain’s greatest ever climbing duo, were the first to climb the 125 routes split across the Eastern and Western gritstone edges of the Peak District. While the routes are no longer at the cutting edge of climbing difficulty, they are still desperate affairs often characterised by the thuggish, brutal crack climbing style that was popular at that time.

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