Bowron Lakes

Bowron Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia is said to be perhaps the most beautiful corner of the earth. An untouched wilderness blanketed by endless forests and studded by the Bowron Lakes, featuring a 116-kilometer itinerary across 11 lakes.

The Bowron Lake chain is located some 440 miles northeast of Vancouver, smack dab in the middle of the Cariboo Mountains. The circuit's 11 lakes are all connected by rivers and creeks and are home to a canoeist's paradise. It is not just the domain of experts: There are plenty of calmer stretches that ensure beginners will get their rocks off too. Various paddle trips, whether for two days or ten, allow anyone to discover breathtaking vegetation from the area's waterways. Prepared hiking and portage trails and various cabins help even beginners live nature in a superb setting.

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