Thats It Thats All - Trailer

In Alaska, Travis Rice, Nikolas Müller and Jeremy Jones have left their lines in the powder. Watching all of them together on the big screen "makes grown men cry" (Curt Morgan, director!.

Everything is white. Lots of untouched mountains that just seem to wait for someone to leave their tracks. Snowboarders' paradise has a name: It's Alaska. Last winter, Travis Rice and friends, each of them an absolut snowboarding professional, got their rocks off at this playground both gigantic and dangerous. „Alaska can be dangerous. But that's also what's interesting about it." „That’s It That’s All“ is a peerless snowboarding movie. A perfect mix of athletic action and adrenaline, shot masterfully. It's especially the helicopter shots that confound any frame of reference you may have from watching outdoor movies... and that put snowboarders into the best light. If you notice tears well up as you watch those long powder lines, you may feel better once you have learned that even greats such as Jeremy Jones kicked off their snowboard career at a snowy golf course in Massachusetts. So there is still hope.

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