Jasper Ice Field

The Rockies' largest ice field consists of 8 glaciers. The Athabasca Glacier is part of the Icefield Parkway connecting Banff and Jasper National Park. You can explore it on foot!

All right, you've gut to be an experienced guide. And you'd better bring the right equipment: ice pick, ropes, cleats. And have you mastered all of the requisite techniques as a basic requirement? Then off you go. Naturally, there are operators that specialize in winter hikes, such as the Jasper Adventure Centre (www.jasperadventurecentre.com) and Overlander Trekking (www.overlandertrekking.com) in Jasper. In the Banff region, Johnston Canyon and Grotto Canyon are worthwhile ice hiking destinations. Hikes to natural ice sculptures and frozen waterfalls are offered by White Mountain Adventures (www.whitemountainadventures.com) and Discover Banff Tours (www.banfftours.com).
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