World Cup Skiing in Alberta

„When I'm not home in Norway, I love to be skiing in Alberta," gushes Aksel Lund Svindal, a Norwegian downhill skier. Alberta is not just wild and pristine, she also boasts gigantic mountains.

Snow-covered expanses, waist-high champagne powder - hard to get enough of both. The wide open spaces of Canada's Alberta Province and the quiet of the Rocky Mountains make European skiers gush. Up to 33 feet of snow, they say, every year, from November through April. That means lots of fun on the slopes or skiing off the beathen path, a feat that is not an advanced skier privilege here. Supposedly skiing is a lot easier due to the dry powder that prevails on the slopes. And there's another thing that impresses European skiers: the Canadian way of skiing. No pushing and shoving at the lifts, no breakneck speeding, and no party in the valley!

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