Markus Bock - Corona

Corona is not just a Mexican beer. It's also one of the world's toughest climbing routes. Markus Bock has scaled Corona, whose degree of difficulty is 11+ (UIAA), in Franconian Switzerland.

In 1996 he won the title of youth world champion in Moscow. He has reaped immense success at international competitions. Still, climbing competitions never really were his bag of tea. Since 2000, his priority has been pioneering difficult new tours or boulders in Franconia's climbing regions. He is the Franconian scene's illustrious poster child and is reputed to be capable of climbing simply anything. In 2006, Markus pioneered his toughest and most beautiful route to date: "Corona" 11+. Corona is located in the Ailsbach Valley's Tailor's Hole. The feat was repeated not too long ago: 16-year-old exceptional Czech climber Adam Ondra managed to pull it off after a mere eight tries on June 6, 2009.

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