Ride Guide - Mt. Norquay

The Mt. Norquay ski resort is the best-kept secret in the Canadian Rockies. It welcomes families, is located only a few minutes from downtown Banff and boasts slopes for skiers of all levels.

This is where skiers of any level feel at ease: The Mt. Norquay skiing region comprises extensive terrain offering anything a skier might desire - from almost flat bunny hills to black diamond runs for the advanced crowd. If you are looking for a challenge, "The American" run, a steep mogul slope will be right on the money for you, with the 360-degree panorama from the lift's top station providing ample reward for all the effort expended. Ski Canada Magazine voted Mt. Norquay the ski resort with the best-prepared runs in all of Western Canada. And there's something else that's special: Mt. Norquay is the only ski resort in the Canadian Rockies offering the option to ski at night.

For additional information, go to www1.travelalberta.com/de-de/, www.fti.de and www.meinkanada.com
or directly to www.skibig3.com

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