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No doubt about it - this is where winter sports enthusiasts feel right at home. Every skier must have plowed through waist-high champagne powder once in his or her life. But the Canadian Rockies are for romantics too, offering plenty of cozy nooks and crannies.

Whether it's to spend your honeymoon, while away a romantic weekend, or simply enjoy some time off, Banff's and Alberta's winter wonderland invites you to relax. Why not enjoy Jasper's and Banff's hot springs for a change? They were discovered more than a few years back when three Canadian Pacific railroaders saw steam rise from the rocks in the fall of 1883. Upon close inspection, they discovered a cave housing hot springs behind the rocks. A serendipitous find whose ramifications continue to this day: The springs contribute a sizeable share to Banff's livelihood. Thousands of visitors enjoy Banff's Upper Hot Springs every year. The same goes for Jasper's Miette Hot Springs.

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