Indus Descent

Kayaking legend Olaf Obsommer of Nussdorf am Inn masters Pakistan's Lion River together with his Alpine Kayaking Club colleagues. The team first wants to cross the Rondu Gorge but the gigantic body of water takes its toll.

"That was the wildest water I've ever paddled in my life," desribes experienced expedition paddler Viktor Claus the ordeal he suffered at the Indus, a river called Lion River by the locals on account of its untamed and dangerous waters that cause the death of numerous individuals every year. The river pushes the limits of Olaf Obsommer's and Bernhard Mauracher's team members. But finally the Alpine Kayaking Club's Taming the Lion II expedition manages to be the first to kayak the entire length of the 20-mile wildwater at the core of Rondu Gorge, notorious for its extreme difficulty and as yet unvanquished. The lion was placated but not tamed!

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