O Neill TV: Caroline Sarran Profile

Had she not become a surfer, she would have had to choose between becoming an English teacher, surgeon, fashion designer, or businesswoman. But Caroline Saran has made up her mind: She went for professional surfing, and quite successfully so.

When she was six years old, her father took her surfing for the first time. "I simply used his boards until I was big enough to have my own," says Caroline Sarran. Her two brothers are surfers too. "But they really prefer to play soccer." Since few girls surfed, she mostly competed against boys during the initial years of her career and defended one title after another. contrary to the musical tastes that prevail among most surfers, she is neither a reggae nor a jazz aficionado. Caroline is more of a hard rock girl. When she is not in the water, this extreme athlete races across the slopes on her snowboard, plays volleyball, or enjoys swimming. Since 1997, she has been a Quiksilver Team member.

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