Sickline adidas Team 2008 - Trailer

Twelve individuals, twelve different characters, seven different nationalities, diverse lifestyles but one passion: paddling: Watch the adidas Sickline Team on tour.

The adidas Sickline Team combines some of the world's best wildwater, freesytle, slalom and rodeo kayakers. Their lifestyle, discipline, and kayaking may be different. But what unites them is their friendship and enthusiasm for wildwater sports. Their biggest forte as a team is their diversity and their passion to give all for kayaking. Traveling also makes them closer. In 2008, Peter Csonka, Florian Dillier, Fabian Dörfler, Mat Dumoulin, Markus Hummel, Bernhard Mauracher, and Tim Weinmann paddled Devil’s Slide in Piedmont, Rofener Ache River in the Oetz Valley, Bitches, the Welsh tidal wave and Europe's best saltwater wave -, Gabon, and the 2007 Green Race.

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