Surfing Mentawais - Jordy Smith

When he's not in the water, he'll play soccer, tennis or golf. Nothing too special, really. But when he's in the water, he works magic with his surfboard and amazes his competition.

His surfing is characterized by a wild mix and combination of speed and moves. WQS surfer Damian ‘Dooma' Fahrenfort has this explanation: „For Jordy, it hasn't been about this one unique super trick for the longest time. Rather, he just mixes everything, like a DJ. Everything in one wave. I have seen him perform huge aerials to find him ticked off afterwards because he hadn't topped it off with a fin throw or a lip reverse. Compared to Jordy's skill on the board, mine pales in a way that has had me wonder several times whether I should quit surfing. The man pulls off lip throws and backward carves that don't even have a name yet!"

For additional information on the Durban surfer, go to his homepage:

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