5th Day of the 2009 Gore-Tex Transalpine Run

Mountain sprint! In Scuol, Switzerland, the mountain sprint to Motta Naluns was on the agenda, totaling 3.85 kilometers and a difference in altitude of 3,071 feet. Michael Fischer was the winner, setting a new record.

In an extemely close and excitin grace, Michael Fischer came out the winner on the fifth leg of the Transalpine Run. The 29-year-old South Tyrolian completed the mountain sprint from Scuol, Switzerland, to Motta Naluns in 39:55.9 minutes, pulverizing the 2006 record set by Tobias Hegmann (42:42 minutes) and staying below the 40-minute mark. Together with his teammate Roland Osele, who took 42:33.8 minutes to negotiate the heat's 3.85 kilometers and difference in altitude of 3,071 feet, the "Telmekom Team South Tyrol" runner also triumphed in the men's duo category, ekeing out a paper-thin advantage of 10.3 seconds ahead of prior serial winners Andrew Symonds and Tom Owens (1:22:40.0).

For additional information and the current lists of results, go to: www.transalpine-run.com

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