Cape to Cape - Part 3

True to his motto, "Fighting Full Force Against AIDS", extreme athlete Joachim Franz has committed to the fight against AIDS and to supporting information campaigns about an insidious infectious disease.

During the Cape-to-Cape Tour, the team plans on climbing more than 200 summits all over the world to hoist the "AIDS Summit Flag."

In Part 3, Joachim Franz and his team are traveling across Africa, stopping at a run-down orphanage for children that have tested HIV-positive.
Joachim Franz accidentally learned about the orphanage and immediately decided to visit it. What he comes upon is life under disastrous medical conditions. Sanitary facilities are in an abject state, hygiene is extremely poor. The kitchen is located outside the front door and vital drugs are stored in cardboard boxes in an environment that lacks air conditioning.
There is scant hope for the future.
Joachim Franz is deeply affected by the conditions he finds and promises to help.

Spurred by the misery entailed by AIDS, the team sets out to climb Africa's tallest mountain, the Kilimanjaro.
The "AIDS Summit Flag" reads 1.6 million - the number of unreported cases in the country.

For more information on Joachim Franz’s commitment to the fight against AIDS, please go to: und


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