Cape to Cape - Part 2

For extreme athlete Joachim Franz, sports is the best way to wage an information campaign. Sports is a language that is understood all over the world and attracts public awareness.

Sports and exceptional expeditions will enthuse people and relay important messages. Joachim Franz wants to communicate that everyone should actively join the fight against AIDS.

On their Cape-to-Cape Tour from Norway to South Africa in Part 2 of our series, he and his team are en route to Austria's Grossglockner, Germany's Zugspitze and the Mont Blanc, which straddles the French-Italian border. At the latter, they face a maximum risk of avalanches to be able to hoist the "AIDS Summit Flag" stating the number of unreported cases in France.

Their journey then takes them to Egypt, where they face prude and tight-lipped Kairo during a news conference held to inform about AIDS.

For more information on Joachim Franz’s commitment to the fight against AIDS, please go to: und


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