Australia - Come Walkabout

Australia has a lot to offer: A fauna and flora that are fascinatingly strange, options for all sorts of recreative pursuits both in the water and on dry land, and, naturally, plenty of room to relax. For starters, try its beaches stretching for miles on end.

This is where more than 31,000 miles of coast jostle one of the world's most dangerous deserts. And where every passionate outdoorsman will get his fill. At the Great Barrier Reef, for example, it's all about snorkeling and diving. Its warm tropical waters are home to many rainbow-colored corals, sponges, and fish. The above-water fauna is just as diverse. Kangaroos are a staple, but Australia's strange creatures run the gamut from dingos (an Australian wild dogs) to koala bears. Many a camper on the island of Tasmania has surely started from his sleep after hearing the Tasmanian Devil's bone-chilling scream in the dead of night. Australia is also the natural habitat of the platypus, one of the few types of mammals that lay eggs.

From 1788, indigeneous Australians, the Aborigines, got company when the British began systematically populating the continent. At first, Australia was a penal colony for British criminals, who were later joined by righteous settlers. Currently, Asians make up the largest group of immigrants. It's a land that's multi-cultural all the way...

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