Australia - Eco Girl in Sydney

Sydney is just the right city for lovers of the outdoors that won't do without the charms of urban life but want nature right outside their doorstep. Two national parks and endless beaches - who could ask for more?

A national park that's smack dab in the middle of a city? No way, you'll say. You bet it exists - right here in Sydney. Sydney Harbour National Park comprises the entire port area and all of the islands located in the port. When you're lucky you may even get a chance to observe dolphins or whales. And if not, console yourself with a stroll through the park's eucalyptus forests. Or how about a jaunt into the Blue Mountains, a destination a mere two-hour drive from the city that many visitors will find charming. It will surprise you with the world's oldest tree, the Wollemi Pine. Numerous well-marked trails wind through the virtually untouched bush - a paradise for hikers. The deep gorges in between the imposing sandstone rocks are covered by trees and provide ample shade during the hot season.

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