Australia - East Kimberley

Western Australia's Bungle Bungles and their lost world are home to some of the earth's most fascinating sandstone formations. They are best admired from the air because reaching them by land is extremely arduous.

Purnululu National Park is best approached in a four-wheel drive. The area was al lbut unknown until the early 1980s. It was then that aerial photos of the delicate sandstone towers were first published, which prompted UNESCO to declare the park a World Heritage site in 2003. Climbing enthusiasts have been dying to get a handle on the rocks, whose porous structure, however, has led to climbing not being permitted for the most part. The towers consist of sensitive sandstone covered with a thin layer of silica and lichens, and the authorities do not want athletic zeal to abrade their surface even more. But the area's river regions are accessible if not yet completely explored. Many a plant has only been discovered recently and hasn't even been named yet! And East Kimberley has a whole lot more to offer...

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