Australia - Lake Eyre

"Kati-tanda" is what the Aborigines call Lake Eyre in their native tongue. Filled to the brim, it is Australia's largest lake. But that's a claim it can make no more often than once every 25 years!

Lake Eyre Basin covers approximately one sixth of the entire Australian continent. It is precisely in the middle of this plan, whose lowest point is 56 feet below sea level, that a colony of pelicans has made its home. This is where photographer Pete Dobre often stalks the birds to shoot impressive pictures, coming within a few yards of them. But sailers that travel here are often disappointed because they imagined the lake to be much bigger. In fact, Lake Eyre is filled to the brim only once a year when the monsoon's copious rainfall floods it. The intense heat is to blame for most of the water evaporating over time so that only a small portion of the lake remains filled at the height of summer.

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