300 Days - Trailer

Survival-Test in the South Pacific. Xavier Rosset settles himself for 300 days on a lonely island and becomes familiar with the rough sides of the supposedly “romantic” island living.

Who has not ever dreamt the lonely-island dream? No stress, all peace and quiet with only the gentle whispering of the wind between the palm trees and the mellow sweeping of the surf which lulls you to sleep. So much for the widespread cliché of the island dream; when Xavier Rosset checks in on Tofua for 300 days, it only takes him a couple of hours to be confronted with reality. He is all by himself and at the end of the world. It is true that he is the ruler over almost 50 km2 of a lush island surface but much more than this, it becomes clear to him that he is the end of a sadly short food chain that fights for survival here on a daily basis.He manages to adapt to this unusual rhythm of life, catches some fish, harvests coconuts and builds a little hut for himself. Eventually, he strolls across the island with his two adopted pets - a dog and a wild boar. His personal conclusion after his adventure: “No matter how hard you try to find loneliness, in the end you do not find it entirely.”

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