Alone in the Wall - Trailer

Alex Honnold masters the route “Regular Northwest Face” at Half Dome with the supreme discipline of climbing: Free Solo. Is he ever afraid of such heights? His answer to that is “No, not really”.

If he let go now, this would be the last thing he would do. Alex Honnold would not even have enough time to enjoy the breathtaking view over Yosemite National Park. “Half Dome is an incredibly fascinating rock: unstable granite ledges and not even the cracks are easy to clamp. I am especially proud of this solo climb.” And this is for a good reason. Normally, it takes a team several days to climb the Regular Northwest Face, a route which is rated a 5.12. Alex however does it in only a few hours - and he does it without any ropes. “ If I do an easier route, I just have fun, talk to others or listen to music. It has even happened that I picked up the phone.” Half Dome however demands my full attention and all ten fingers. Chalk is good against sweaty hands, but being fully concentrated is just as essential. And even if there was a pill against free-solo-panic-attacks: Alex would not have a hand available to pop it.

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