Eternal Flame - Trailer

In the footsteps of Wolfgang Güllich and Kurt Albert, the two climbers Thomas and Alexander Huber mastered the first redpoint climb of the “Eternal Flame” route at the Nameless Tower (6.215m).

In 1989, it was Wolfgang Güllich and Kurt Albert who did the first ascent of the “Eternal Flame” route at the Nameless Tower (6.215m). Both of them were free climbing pioneers and the first ones to tackle the big walls in the Karakorum without any technical tools. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to free climb the whole route completely. At the end, they still lacked four pitches. Four pitches which challenged the world’s best extreme climbers for 20 years to come. Who would be the first one to successfully redpoint the “Eternal Flame” route? In the summer of 2009, Thomas and Alexander Huber made their way to Pakistan in order to finally illuminate the flame which Güllich and Albert had sparked 20 years earlier. The conditions at the rocks were perfect and even the weather was on their side for weeks so that the two Huber brothers managed to make their way up the 1000 meter high granite wall. Of course not everything went smooth and without any sort of problems.

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