Follow Me - Trailer

If mountain bikes could smile, they would surely do it here. Could one ask for more than speed over downhill trails and slope style barriers?

"We want to create a film that is super upbeat and remind everyone why we all love mountain biking”. Could one ever forget that? It is true that one can get used to everything - even to the crazy feeling of speeding at full throttle and to do a front flip without a crash-landing. But it is also true that all of that is only half the fun if you do it by yourself. And since it is always better to explore unknown territory with someone else, the makers of “Roam” and “Seasons” send out the best mountain bikers in the world in teams of two and three in their latest movie “Follow Me”. The bikers are having a blast out there and prove quickly that the there is not much fun if you do not have the necessary team spirit. From free riding in Kamloops to downhill in New Zealand - “Follow Me” is a big bang and will even get the last couch potato up on the saddle.

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