Eurobike 2015 ROSE Bikes - 2016 Pikes Peak & X-Lite CW

Get a first glimpse of some highlights of the ROSE Bikes 2016 road and mountain bike range. The PROGEO (progression and geometry) system allows four settings to alter the geometry and progression of the rear.

ROSE Bikes Designer Max Sistenich admits that such a feature isn’t an original idea, but the ROSE system does stand out from its competition on the market purely due to its simplicity. Taking just 10 seconds, the geometry adjustment only requires an Allen key. During the adjustment procedure, no parts need to be removed, so it’s highly unlikely that anything will go AWOL in the woods. The rider sees immediate effects while adjusting and therefore knows exactly which setting they’re putting the bike into.

The X-LITE CW replaces Rose’s previous aero-road machine, the XEON CW, with the new CW getting two versions – one designed around direct-mount caliper brakes and the second equipped with Shimano’s Flat Mount disc standard fittings.

The aero design of the frame and fork is also capable of taking wider rubber than the previous incarnation: the caliper bike can take a 25mm tyre, while on the disc this increases to 28mm. The tapered 1 1/8 to 1 1/2in head tube increases the stiffness to weight ratio compared to the Xeon CW by 20 percent, and the bike as a whole improves aerodynamics by eight percent too.

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