Jordan - Eco and Adventure Land

Jordan offers a remarkable variety of habitats - from rugged mountains and evergreen woodlands to scrubby steppe and hot deserts. The planning and design for eco-tourism is a big issue in development of Jordan’s tourism industry.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which once captivated ancient travellers, continues to enthral a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation. Eco-tourism facilities and activities have been created in four protected areas so far: Dana, Mujib, Ajloun and Azraq. These areas have widely different habitats and landscapes, from rugged mountains to Mediterranean forest and desert wetlands.
Jordan’s eco-tourism operations are bringing the following benefits for nature conservation: substantial income for biodiversity protection; jobs and revenue for local communities, which create more support from local people for conservation and provide alternatives to ‘harmful’ land uses like grazing and hunting; more support from decision makers, and the Jordanian population in general, who are able to see the tangible social and economic value of nature conservation.

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