RGActive Training Camp 2013

Auch in diesem Jahr hat ROSE UK wieder das alljährliche RG Active Triathlon Trainingscamp auf Mallorca veranstaltet. Vom 11. bis zum 17. März konnten sich hier die Biker in der Vorsaison eine Woche lang ausschließlich ihrem Training widmen. Und genügend Zeit zum Entspannen im Pool oder bei einer Massage blieb natürlich auch noch...

Das RGActive Triathlon-Camp bietet den Teilnehmern vor allem eines: Volle Konzentration auf das Training - gemeinsam im Team und abseits vom täglichen Alltagsstress.

Auf dem diesjährigen Programm standen täglich mindestens zwei Trainingssessions - inklusive Konditionstraining, Schwimmen und natürlich ausgiebigem Biken.

Zum Abschluss der gemeinsamen RGActive-Woche gab es als besonderes Highlight noch einen gemeinsamen Triathlon.

Mallorca ist bei Bikern ein beliebtes Trainingsziel - vor allem von Januar bis April. Bei angenehm warmen Temperaturen können die Athleten hier sowohl auf anspruchsvollen Strecken mit moderaten Anstiegen und Abfahrten als auch in flacherem Gelände für die bevorstehende Bike-Saison trainieren.

Mehr Infos zu allen RGActive Trainingscamps findest du unter: www.rgactive.com

Andere spannende Bike-Videos von Jon Ashelford gibt es auf Jon Ashelford´s Facebookprofil.

English version:

Every year the RGActive triathletes get together in Pollença, Majorca for a pre-season training camp. The camp gives the athletes the chance to experience how a professional would approach training as one of the main differences that sets the professional athletes apart from everyone else is the time they get for recovery. After a long and/or hard training session most of you have to go to work, go do the shopping, take the children to school so never really just relax and let your body completely recover afterwards.

Well on a training camp you get that time to relax. You can go out and train as hard or as long as you want and do so knowing that after the session you can go back to your hotel room and relax, take a bath, sleep and let your body prepare itself ready for the next session

During the week in Majorca the training will be organised so your schedule will be full. We generally look to get in at least two sessions per day and with a 4:1 coach to athlete ratio every session caters for ALL abilities.

For those of you that have not visited Majorca before, it is very well known in the cycling world with some stunning climbing and descending with some equally beautiful lanes and flat routes that allow the training to suit everyone. It is estimated that between the months of January and April there is 20,000-40,000 cyclists on the Island at any one time, which shows you how fantastic it is. On all of the rides we have car support to carry spares and for anyone that might need a short rest, we work on bike handling, descending and climbing and we make sure everyone gets 1-2-1 time with the coaches on all of the rides allowing you to improve no matter what level you are at.

The hotel pool is on hand for stroke work but we do most of the swimming in the sea which is a short 100m walk from the Hotel. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get in your wetsuit in advance of the UK season, the beach sessions work on open water technique as well as fitness sessions.

We hold a transition workshop, conditioning workshops and finish the week off with our very popular ‘Team Triathlon’ which is a fantastic way to end the tough week’s training.

The itinerary for the week is kept top secret and given to each of the athletes when they arrive in Majorca on the Sunday evening. We do guarantee that every day and every session is as much fun as it is educational and hard work. The emphasis of the training camp is to enjoy the opportunity to train with other athletes, to make new friends and get a week of quality training in without the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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