ROSE X-LITE CRS 3100 Di2 - Bike of the Year - Best Race

The new race chassis from ROSE is a complete departure from the old X-LITE. Out go the massively oversized round tubes and in comes a selection of squared-off profiles developed on from the CGF endurance bike, which debuted in 2014.

The frame has seen the design team focus on lower weight and increased stiffness where needed, and for the flagship ‘Team’ frames that translates into 800g for the frame and a scant 315g for the fork.

Highs: Lightweight, with an unbelievable specification for not much money.
Lows: Very race orientated is good or bad depending on your perspective.
Buy if: You’re an aspiring racer looking for what’s arguably 2015’s best value bike.
This more standard version weighs in at 910g for the frame, with the same fork being used on both. The latter was developed in partnership with materials experts at Bocholt University and is constructed from 140 unique carbon plies. Rose claims this makes for not only one of the lightest production forks around, but also one that boasts the highest lateral rigidity of all currently available forks it tested.

GER: Wie ihr Reparaturen an eurem Rennrad selbst durchführen könnt erfahrt ihr in der BIKE WERKSTATT Rennrad.

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