Deep Water Soloing

Deep Water Soloing, that's the essence of climbing. Exceptional climber David Lama and his Mammut Pro Team climbing buddies has traveled to Thailand's island archipelago for a hefty dose of deep water soloing. Climbing requiring a maximum of technique in a marvelous setting.

Deep Water Soloing, that's the essence of climbing. There are neither ropes nor bolts to secure the advancing climbers on the wall, nor is taking a short rest an option. Each move requires thorough premeditation. If a climber has exhausted his energies, he will take a nervous glance over his shoulder before plunging into the water.
As always, successful director Peter Mortimer accompanies his crew's athletes to the world's best climbing locations. Mammut Prot Teams's star climbers David Lama, Nina Caprez, Cédric Lachat, Christina Schmid, and Anthony Sapey are coming along for the ride.

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