Gasherbrum II - The Fastest Summit

Munich extreme skier Benedikt Böhm and Sebastian Haag have teamed up at Gasherbrum II to experience the ultimate kick. They set an alpine record as they speed-climb 26,361-foot Gasherbrum II and take a spectacular downhill run from the summit in as little as one day - without taking a break.

The idea was simple: Taking speed ski mountaineering to the highest peaks. The destination was rarefied: the world's 13th tallest mountain, 26,361-foot Gasherbrum II. It was a daring and extremely dangerous endeavor because no more than a handful of skiers all over the world has so far had the guts to head down the gigantic mountain's steep and precipitous ice passages. Together with his Dynafit teammate Sebastian Haag, skier Benedikt Böhm even one-upped the original plan: He wanted to take a second shot at the peak, speed climbing it this time around. In other words: Dashing from Camp 1 to the summit without taking a break at the high-altitude camps.

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