Generation L

It's his maximum strength that allows him to negotiate the most difficult routes. David Lama is dynamic, determined, and highly motivated - in the words of those that have experienced him. David Lama is an exceptional rock climbing talent.

The kid's talent for climbing and his intuition for rocks was apparent early on and didn't elude those that met him. Peter Habeler invited the five-year-old to a climbing course in Austria's Ziller Valley, laying the foundation for David Lama's career. A mere 12 years old, he negotiated one of the most difficult climbing routes in the world, making a name for himself on the scene. Coordination and concentration, muscle power and speed distinguish David. But maybe it's also a combination of the most favorable genetic factors. Today, David climbs the world's most beautiful walls. Together with his Mammut Pro Team colleagues he only recently went deep water soloing in Thailand.

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