David Göttler - Gasherbrum 2

Mountaineering is his life. No sooner is the season for guides in the Alps over than David Göttler packs his bags and joins an expedition. Together with Michael Wärthl, he led 14 amateur mountaineers to the summit of 26,361-foot Gasherbrum II in the Karakorum.

He has scaled the "Supercanaleta“ to Patagonia's Fitz Roy, given the Kangchendzonga North Face (28,199 feet) a shot, and successfully worked as a mountain guide on the Muztagh Ata (24,606 feet). Together with Michael Wärthl, David Göttler also toured the Gasherbrum II. At 26,361 feet, this mountain is the smallest in the group of peaks that stand more than 8000 meters (26,247 feet) tall but still the world's thirteenth tallest mountain. It belongs to the Gasherbrum Group located southeast of the K2, sandwiched in between the People's Republic of China and Pakistan in the two countries' border region. The mountain range in the north of Pakistan forms the western part of the Himalayas' main ridge. In the Chinese-Indian border mountains, four mountains stand more than 8000 meters tall. Among them the notorious K2, which at 28,251 feet is the world's second tallest mountain located in close proximity to Gasherbrum II and IV. In the language of the local Balti, Gasherbrum means "Shining Mountain."

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