Icebreaker - Supply Chain

Outdoor clothing made of Merino wool: Icebreaker doesn't only care about where its products are made but also how, says Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker founder and CEO. The company's principles include sustainability and environmental protection.

„For us sustainability is all about transparency and about showing the company's overall structure, from sheep farmers to the last step in the supply chain," says Jeremy Moon. Since Icebreaker's founding in 1994, the two principles of environmental protection and sustainability have been chiseled into the firm's philosophy. The company has created an entirely new category of clothing: Outdoor clothes made of Merino wool. Hand-picked and procured directly from New Zealand's Southern Alps, the wool is processed using state-of-the-art technology and taking into account ethical and environmentally friendly principles. The movie shows Icebreaker's unwavering commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, ethical principles, environmentally sound practices, and the latest clean technologies.

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