Paddle Fever

Legendary kayaker Olaf Obsommer explains why kayaking is so much fun. German kayaking's elite joins him for the party. The movie was shot in Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.

Olaf Obsommer is the Alfred Hitchcock of kayaking movies. When he is not paddling down some river in a far-flung corner of the globe, he frequently heads for the waterways in the foothills of the Alps. His favorite destination for solo trips is the Brandenberg Ache river, right outside his front door: "That's where I know every single bend, every rock, and all the tricky spots." He has shot some of the spectacular scenes in his "Paddle Fever" wildwater flick on his home turf near Nussdorf.

In "Paddle Fever," Nussdorf's kayaking pros, many of them roommates, show why wildwater sports are so much fun.

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