Portrait of a Serial Jumper

„Stay alive and jump a lot!“ That's the motto of one of the world's best and most distinguished base jumpers, Andre Bach. But he is also a dad and a dreamer. Watch this unique portrait of the athlete!

Andre Bach has plunged into the deep numerous times - always enthusiastic and without any incidents worth mentioning. In the gorgeous mountains and fjords surrounding Romsdal, he can jump and land (almost) directly right outside his front door. And still he has tested some other options all over the world - from Jin Mao Tower (Shanghai) to the Eiger North Face. A sequel, to B.A.S.E. and 2nd B.A.S.E., this third movie starring Andre Bach is a unique portrait showing the various facets of his personality: B.A.S.E. jumper and dad, athlete and dreamer.

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