Raid Gauloises

Raid Gauloises is the world's toughest adventure and endurance race - over 590 miles long, a difference in altitude of 49,000 feet. It's about getting to know yourself and being a top-performing team player during an annual trip to hell amid adventurous natural settings and exciting scenery.

Raid Gauloises is considered to be the world's toughest extreme sports race and calls for participants to deliver top performances that exhaust their energies: Each day has in store some 125 topsy-turvy miles that include trekking, climbing, mountainbiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and rafting. It's a race for young adventurers. What matters is orientation, character, endurance, and, above all, mental strength. Contestants must cover each tough distance while absolutely autonomous. They know where to find checkpoints but must plan their own itineraries and obtain equipment and supplies. They're all on their own.

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