Mt. Cook Expedition

„If you fall here, you can kiss your life goodbye," says Baptiste Blanc to describe what awaits the Fischer Freeride Team pros. They are on the slopes of Mt. Cook, the 12,349-foot King of New Zealand's Southern Alps and an alpinist's paradise.

Skiing Mt. Cook for the very first time: The historic run took a mere 4 hours, but the climb took the expedition headed by former ski racer Axel Naglich 12 excruciatingly tough days. The Kitzbühel extreme skier's team included Frenchman Baptiste Blanc and New Zealander Todd Windle, both freeskiers. „It's pretty steep and almost the entire run is a non-fall zone: If you fall here, you can kiss your life goodbye." Conditions are worse than expected and the wind has turned the snow on Mt. Cook's extremely precipitous north face into ice.

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