Abandoned - Trailer

Abandoned in Baffin Island, Stefan Glowacz and Robert Jasper make their way to Querbitter Fjord, where they dare scale a 3280-foot wall. A vertical adventure awaits them.

Abandoned - in the truest sense of the word - and exposed to the cold, the dangers, and the inconceivable expanses of Baffin Island, a region almost devoid of human life. Stefan Glowacz, Robert Jasper, Holger Heuber, Klaus Fengler, and Mariusz Hoffmann fight their way through one of the world's last untouched landscapes. They are headed to Querbitter Fjord, where a 3,280-foot rocks rise from the ice. There is one among theme that the climbers want to best for the very first time. They quickly agree on the route, but it turns out that making things happen takes a lot of stamina, experience, and energy. Loaded down with countless ropes, safety equipment and provisions for 16 days the group of five enters the wall. A vertical adventure full of risk awaits them because the rock is unpredictable. But the wall is a stopover at best. The expedition has covered the distance to the fjord helped by the Inuit and their snowmobiles. They are planning to return, though, left to their own devices and "by fair means,", i.e., using sleds and snow kites. Any romantic idea they may have had, however, about effortlessly gliding across the ice quickly runs afoul of reality: Either the wind blows from the wrong direction or ice sheets almost impossible to cross and pushed up by the craggy pack ice are stacked up. And still they need to hurry because the ice is already beginning to melt.

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