Danny MacAskill - Urban Trial - Trailer

Danny MacAskill is trial biking's new star. He practiced his tricks for 12 years and became world-famous in April, 2009, when a his roommate posted a video on the Internet. Look here for the finest in urbain trial biking.

So far, Scotland's Isle of Skye had but one product that accounted for the bulk of its exports. It is liquid and stored in wooden casks - namely, Talisker Whiskey. Since April, 2009, it has become clear that the island has produced another rarity: Danny MacAskill - the international mountainbiking scene's new trial star. Meanwhile, he has turned his back on his island home and has started to shake up Edinburgh. The discipline he has perfected on the city's streets, squares, and stairways is called Urban Trial. Rarely has a rider tackled urban obstacles so playfully as Danny. Passers-by stop to have their jaws drop, but Danny keeps his cool and goes right into his next somersault.

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