Meindl - Shoes for Active People

They harbor more than 300 years of experience. They are high-tech products and stand for traditional artisan craftsmanship at the same time - mountain boots from the shops of Meindl.

For more than 300 years, Meindl has been producing footwear. Wiggle room for your toes, a cushioned tread, waterproof material, a sole that grips, soft cuffs, a perfect climate for your foot, light weight and stability - all those requirements must be met by the range of products made by the Bavarian shoe stop. "As 11th generation shoemakers, our shoe-making tradition demands that we commit to producing top-quality shoes. Our staff works each shoe by hand," says the Meindl family. And they prove that being a world market leader and manufacturing in the small town of Kirchanschöring are not mutually exclusive. More than 50 percent of the shoes made are exported to all parts of the globe.

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