Patagonia - Reno Leed

Environmental protection ranks highest among Patagonia's corporate goals. It is reflected in an ambitious program that aligns all of the processes in procurement, manufacturing and distribution with ecological requirements. And the new Reno distribution center is carbon-neutral.

"I am not optimistic at all as far as the world's future is concerned. I am not sure we will still be able to turn around the destruction of our environment," states Yvon Chouinard, resembling a somber oracle. "But we try to manage the company so as still to be in business in a hundred years." Patagonia shows how to work as cleanly as possible. In addition, in each part of the business all of the processes such as procurement, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution have been aligned with ecological requirements. The Reno distribution center has even been built to be carbon-neutral. It sports recycled concrete and steel, daylight reflectors that focus light nine times, concrete core activation, innovative paving, and lots more.

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