W. Millers Playground - Whistler

Outstanding powder slopes and stellar off-slope runs that extend all the way to the tree line. That's Whistler, and Dan Treadway, Shane Szocs, Jenn Ashton, and Ian McIntos have come here to have a ball. They've brought their skies and their power saws.

Jagged, snow-covered summits surround you as far as the eye can see. So put on your goggles and off we go. Whistler is a huge "mountain playground." There is always a new mountain to conquer and a new adventure to survive. Or there are impressive cliff jumps and powderturns practiced to perfection. Self-appointed redneck Dan Treadway and his rival Eric Pehota compete in their own version of the „Redneck Olympics“: In an entertaining "Tough Man Contest" you can admire the guys' true qualities as they dash across the terrain in their snowmobiles. And Shane Szocs, Ian McIntosh, and Jenn Ashton reach into their bag of tricks in the backcountry.


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