Leo Houlding - Interview

There's really no need to present Leo Houlding. He is a rock climber, mountaineer, base jumper, enthusiastic snowboarder, sufer, and friend of nature. ´Watch this interview with one of the best-known rock climbers.

Naturally, there's an insane story about him too. The E6, Lord of the Flies, at Dinas Cromlech, is a challenge for ambitious climbers. Leo climbed it at the age of 15 at 2 a.m., using a headlamp! But why? It had rained all week and Leo's posse of climbers was unable to climb. When it stopped raining, the idea to conquer the route in the same night was quickly born. After the last round. Unfortunately, the headlamp then gave out but didn't manage to faze Leo who was enthusiastic about finally climbing.

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