Leo Houlding - Oman Base Jump

No doubt about it - Leo Houlding is one of the world's best rock climbers and a leading para-alpinist: He explosively bests a route and than takes the fastest way down. Such as here in Oman.

Descending by parachute was something Leo Houlding first considered in 2005. That's when he had scaled the 4600-foot Fitz Roy North Pillar in the Alpine style before he needed to rope down for 17 hours. A heavy storm had approached, and it was impossible to descend. Leo decided this would be enough roping down for the entire year. He had used a parachute on an experimental basis during his Big Wall tours in America and Europe. It quickly turned into his showcase discipline. "I get a kick out of climbing until I reach my limits." When he was ten, his father would take him climbing to the Lake District. A few months later, he was the youngest person ever to scale an exposed column-like cliff, the Old Man of Hoy.

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