Ride Guide - Lake Louise

Lake Louise is the "giant" among Canada's skiing regions, covering more than 6,500 square miles across four mountainsides. Ride Guide's editors sum up the essentials.

Lake Louise may also well be the most demanding skiing region in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
The runs are supposed to be the most difficult in the area, with 30 percent rated "extreme." Truly challenging runs include those on the back side of Mount Whitehorn, in the Ptarmigan/Paradise region (The Equalizer, Mindbender, Paradise Cornice), or in the Back Bowls Region (North Cornice or Wild Gully).
Connoisseurs claim you've seen paradise once you have sunk into powder in the Lake Louise skiing region. It must look a lot loke the panoramic view from the top station of the "Top of the World" lift.

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