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Surfing and Kelly Slater are usually mentioned in the same breath. He is what might be called the Michael Schumacher or Tiger Woods of surfing. He has won the world championship nine times. And the 37-year-old just keeps on surfing.

Sure, Kelly Slater is Kelly Slater. After winning nine world championships, most recently in 2008, Kelly can be proud of another record: He is both the youngest and oldest world champion. It would seem that Kelly Slater needs that kick he gets when roaring through a water tunnel as a breaking wave collapses above him. "You become part of nature. For surfers, it's like discovering this place that everyone knows exists but no one had found it until 30, 40 years ago. When you're in the wave, you try to guess when it will break and what you need to do to make the wave. The greatest ones are those that have you wondering whether you'll make it."

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