Young Guns - Julian Wilson and Jeremy Flores

Jeremy Flores has everything the surfing scene wants: He's incredibly talented, has great looks, and is outgoing. Some already see him as Kelly Slater's successor. Together with Julian Wilson he rocks the waves.

„In small waves I'll surf like a Brazilian, in big ones like a style surfer," says Jeremy Flores about himself. And no matter how he surfs: He does so extremely successfully, defeating King Kelly Slater in one contest. That puts the title of world champion well within his reach. Among the most talented Australian newcomers, Julian Wilson may well be the most versatile, rocking both the shortboard and the longboard. The 20-year-old focuses on surfing the waves as stylishly as possible and on improving his timing. His successes are ample recompense for all his efforts: First place at the 2006 ISA World Grommet Titles, SURFER Magazine's 2007 "Performance of the Year," and 2006/2007 ASP Australiasia Junior Series Vice Champion.

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