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He sets standards in terms of radicalness and and power. He unseated surfer king Kelly Slater. And he is an idol to a whole new generation of young surfers. His name is Mick Fanning, 24 years old, Australian.

He learned how to surf when he learned how to walk. That's because Mick Fanning grew up on Australia's Gold Coast. His talent quickly became apparent. In 2002, he was named ASP Rookie of the Year. As early as one year later he snatched fifth place on the World Championship Tour. Today, he stands for New School Surfing: His style is fast and radical. Mick is a new surfer generation's leader. And he also demonstrates to older surfers what can be done in the water. Performing aerials several feet high of any conceivable and inconceivable variety and the most radical maneuvers both on the wave and in the tube, he has revolutionized the surfing world together with his Australian surfmates Joel Parkinson and Dean Morrison.

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