Olaf Obsommer - Tour 2008 - Trailer

It was an expedition into the unknown. Endless masses of ice, frosty temperatures and millions of mosquitoes? Olaf Obsommer had braced for anything before setting out to Greenland for his wildwater expedition.

Olaf Obsommer had but a vague idea of the world's largest island: endless masses of ice, frosty temperatures, and millions of mosquitoes. No ideal prerequisites, really, for a wildwater expedition. And still he and his fellow paddlers were the second expedition team worldwide to manage navigating Greenland's extreme wildwater rivers. The team mastered some spectacular waterfalls, slides, and cataracts on the Quinga, Nassarsuaq, and Isortoq Rivers. The adidas Sickline Team headed by Olaf Obsommer dared undertake a kayaking expedition into the Central African rainforest to explore the Invindo River, Africa's second largest water system.

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