Shimmer - World Champs

"More than any other movie, Shimmer shows the pure power, beauty, and grace of today's superstars and the young, up-and-coming talents of the future," says quadruple world champion Lisa Andersen.

„Shimmer“ rounds up the most promising and talented Roxy Team star surfers: Lisa Anderson demonstrates why her status is that of an absolute surfing legend, whereas world champion Chelsea Georgeson gives more than a hint of how brilliant her career will be. Caroline Sarran, Rosie Hodge, and Carly Smith show their prowess and longboarders Kassia, Kula, and Crystal tap unexpected energies in the water as they cross the most exciting waves from Waikiki to Mentawais. Also featured: young starlets such as Laura Enever, Malia Manuel, Alicia Gonzalvez, Sally Fitzgibbons, Alize Arnaud, and Lee Ann Curren.

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